Week 2: Day 2

Hope everyone had a good Monday.  It’s the beginning of another work week as my company doesn’t have Martin Luther King day off.  This week I expect to be pretty busy as a new project is officially kicking off.  I’m glad I did some meal prepping this weekend so I have food when I get hungry and don’t turn to bad foods.  I already feel more in control.

Today was overall a good day.  I started with my smoothie this morning.  For lunch I warmed up leftovers from last night – the @againstallgrain creamed spinach with chicken, artichokes and cauliflower rice.  I have to say, I think it tasted even better today.  I had a handful of cashews when I got hungry midday and then I had my leftovers from Saturday night (crockpot flank steak with butternut squash and salsa) for dinner.  Tomorrow may be a little more challenging as I have a team dinner.  I chose the restaurant and have a plan going into dinner, I’m just hoping I can stick to it and what looked compliant on the menu is (one thing I didn’t do was call the restaurant in advance.  I figure it’s NYC, almost any restaurant can make something compliant from my experience).  I plan to bring my lunch so no problems there.  I’ll also pack a few snacks to have, just in case.  Better to be safe and prepared than sorry.

The other thing I’m doing is last week I started a workout program called the Metabolic aftershock.  They are 15 minute workouts that you do three times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday).  They are interval training sessions where you work as hard as you can until you can’t then rest until you can.  I like them because they are quick but they really get my heart rate up and get me sweating.  There are three phases in the first set I bought and you do each phase for 3 weeks.  Awhile back I bought a second version of this program so after I finish this first version I have another 3 phases to go into.  I’m hoping between this and eating Paleo I will start to see some results.

My challenge for this week that I am committing to is drinking more water throughout the day.  I tend to forget to drink water so I’m going to try to pay attention and drink more.  I think that is another thing that will really help.  I have these 20 oz cups that I have covers to use with a straw and my goal is to drink 4-5 full cups a day.

I’ve seen at least one non-scale victory since I started a week ago: My skin is clearing up which I am very excited about.  I’m hoping in the next couple of days I start to sleep better and have more energy during the day.  Those are the side effects of Paleo that I really am looking forward to.

More to come later this week!



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