Week 2: Day4

Happy hump day everyone!

So I’ve made it through half of week 2. YEAH!  This week has been harder as I’ve been in the office and for some reason I tend to get more hungry when I’m there.  I’ve been bringing my lunch: the leftover creamed spinach, chicken, artichoke and cauliflower rice casserole.  For snacks I’ve been bringing individual bags of cashews and a coconut cream Larabar. Last night we had a team dinner and I made it through successfully.  Everyone was ordering starters so I ordered a Mediterranean salad that had chopped tomatoes, cucumber, pepper and onions.  It had a lemon vinaigrette that I used maybe about a tablespoon of.  For my entree I had chicken with sautéed spinach and steamed haricot vert (green beans).  It was all very good.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture of my food.  I was very proud of myself for resisting the pumpkin risotto they had on the menu.  Risotto is one of my favorite things but I am so happy I didn’t cave.  Every day I get through makes me stronger and makes it easier going forward.

Tonight I was home for dinner so I made a scrambled egg with spinach and cauliflower rice.  I added some avocado for some healthy fat and cooked the scrambled egg in ghee.


I usually have salsa with my scrambled eggs and avocado and I would definitely add some to this next time I make it.  But it was still very good even without the salsa.

On Monday, My goal/challenge for the week was to drink 4-5 cups of water (cup below).  So far I’ve been pretty good about drinking 2-3 but need to still work up to the 4-5.  It is a work in progress and I will keep trying to progress to reach my goal every day.


So that’s where I’m at right now.  I’m going to start thinking about what I want to cook for meal prep this weekend.  Per my previous post, I did invest in a blender and it arrived today so I’m trying to decide if I want to make the casserole again or take a week off and try something different.  I still don’t have cooking gas so I’m limited to my one hot plate.  It’s pretty small too so nothing that requires a big pot or pan.  If anyone has any ideas of great meals to prep for the week please leave them in the comments.  Would love to test out any recipes that you love.  You can also comment on my Instagram post for today (or any day) with any recipes.  Thanks in advance!


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