Week 2: Day 5

Hi all.

Well it’s almost Friday, which means it’s almost the weekend!  I’m really looking forward to a break from work and some time to try some new recipes for meal prep for next week.

Today I started with my normal smoothie and for lunch finished the remainder of the casserole I made on Sunday.  I think for next week, I need to meal prep more than one or two dishes so I can switch up what I eat for lunch and not have the same thing every day.  At lunch today I still enjoyed it, but would have liked to have something different.

For dinner I heated up the leftover flank steak and butternut squash that I made in the crockpot on Saturday and added some cauliflower rice before I reheated it in the microwave.  This was the first meal I tried that I wasn’t a fan of and didn’t say “Oh I want that again”.


The cauliflower rice didn’t cook enough and was still kind of raw, but besides that it didn’t really add anything to the dish.  Not sure I would do that the same way again but maybe try something different.

I started looking for ideas for meals to prep this weekend.  I’m thinking I’ll do something with beef and maybe cauliflower rice, maybe a beef fried rice or something (still looking for a recipe) and I’d like to do something in the slow cooker since it’s so easy just not sure what.   I’m not a huge fan of chicken breasts but if I do beef in the other dish I might do chicken in the slower cooker.  I still need to find a third dish to make for some variety.  Maybe a spiralized noodle of some sort.  It’s going to be another weekend of meal prep without the use of my stove or oven (just have a small hotplate and George Forman grill) so I’m somewhat limited to what I can do.  I’ll have to do some more research for recipes in the next day or so and then place my fresh direct order and go grocery shopping for everything.  Please leave a comment here or on my Instagram if you have any suggestions.  Would love recommendations!

Hope everyone has a good Friday and start to their weekend!



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