Week 2: Day 7

Happy Saturday!  Hope everyone had a great start to their weekend.  Today was a little less structured than my days during the week since I didn’t have to get up and moving and didn’t have scheduled times during the day for meals.

I woke up early but laid in bed for awhile, enjoying a lazy Saturday morning.  I finally got up around 8:30-9:00am and got ready for the day.  I then made my morning smoothie and sat down to get some work done.  After finishing my smoothie I got some chores done and then laid down for a bit.  Around 12:30ish I got a little hungry and started looking for food.  I didn’t have any leftovers left and didn’t have anything that I could make quickly other than eggs so I decided to take a walk to Sunac.  I remembered seeing a post on Instagram about paleo plantain chips.  It was a brand I used to buy from Sunac so I thought maybe I could get those and have them with some smashed avocado.  Luckily Sunac had them in stock so I bought some and then went home and smashed some Guacamoles to dip in.  It was sooooo good.  I also had some leftover chicken breast for some protein.


For dinner I was at my sisters place.  My sister is a great cook and eats gluten free anyways so I knew she would be able to accommodate my Paleo way of eating.  She made roasted chicken strips that were marinated in a bunch of fresh herbs, sautéed brussel sprouts and roasted sweet potato strips.


I took the picture after I had already eaten one chicken strip and about half of the brussel sprouts but it was really good.  I can’t wait until I get the use of my oven back (hopefully next week) so I can make the roasted sweet potato strips myself.  They are soooooooo good.  I could have eaten the whole tray by myself.  When I finished my plate and went to go back for seconds they were all gone (my sister had given the rest to my niece :(. )

So today was a success.  Tomorrow is meal prep day along with some other planned activities.  I’m going to do something in the slow cooker and get that started first thing in the morning, and then something on the George Forman and hotplate.  Depending on how much food the two recipes make I might do a third dish on Monday or maybe cook something new mid week to ensure I have enough variety.  Want to make sure I don’t get bored with eating the same things everyday because that is I how I fall off the wagon.  Don’t want that to happen.

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend.

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