Week 3: Day 2

Happy Monday!  It’s the beginning of a new busy work week.  Today brought me back to some structure to my day which is always helpful for staying on track.  As usual I started with my smoothie.  I’m sure at some point I will get sick of it but it hasn’t happened yet.  I am going to start looking for some other smoothie options soon just so I can be ready for variety when I need it.

For lunch I warmed up some of my meal prep from yesterday of the steak, cauliflower right and broccoli.  After I reheated it in the microwave I mixed in some of @Pretend_its_a_donut artichoke chimichurri sauce.


Even though I burned some of the cauliflower rice yesterday, the cauliflower rice and broccoli tasted fine but the meat didn’t taste good after being reheated in the microwave.  Lesson learned – I don’t like reheated meat.  Next time I might just try to eat the dish cold.

Since I didn’t like lunch I ended up smashing some avocado and eating it with some plantain strips.

For dinner I didn’t really feel like I wanted anything.  Nothing really sounded good but I knew I needed to eat.  So I made my egg and spinach scramble with salsa and avocado.


This is always good and satisfying so dinner was a success.

So day 2 of week 3 is in the books!  I’m hoping to sleep well tonight so tomorrow can be another good day.


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