Week 3: Day 3

Today was another day in the books.  It was a busy day and I stayed on track.  No food failure today.

For lunch I had the crockpot dish I made on Sunday: pulled chicken with sweet potato in salsa topped with avocado.  It was good and very filling.img_0018

For dinner, I had a little skirt steak left over from meal prep on Sunday so I got out the George Forman and grilled up the skirt steak, cooked up some cauliflower rice on the hotplate and then added the artichoke chimichurri sauce from @pretend_its_a_donut.


The cauliflower rice looks a little burned but it wasn’t.  I think when I added the pepper for seasoning it just turned it brown a bit.  Didn’t taste burned at all.  It was all very good and while it doesn’t look like a lot of food it was very filling.  I would have liked to have added some sautéed spinach but I don’t have any good spinach left.  Tomorrow I need to go to the grocery store and stock up on a few things.

So another successful day in the books.

My goal for this week is to limit my eating at night.  Sometimes when I have a hard time falling asleep or I wake up I thinking eating will help me fall asleep (it seems to but I think it’s all in my head).  I’ve gotten a lot better since I started Paleo but it still happens every now and then.  So that is my goal for the week.  My goal from last week of drinking 4-5 20oz cups of water a day has been going pretty well.  I think I’m regularly getting 4 cups in so now I just need to work up to 5.

Everything is a work in process.  Just need to keep going every day and make the best of the hand that is dealt to you.


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