Week 4: Day 2

It’s Monday.  A new week has begun.  The end of last week was busy so I apologize for not posting.  Friday was just a rough day and then Saturday I was out all day and Sunday was just busy with prep.  Even with everything going on I was able to stay on track.  I ate out with my family on Saturday.  We went to Westville in Dumbo and I have a really good burger with grilled onions and avocado with a side of Yucca fries and sautéed kale.


I started eating before I took the picture and then realized I hadn’t taken a picture.  The grilled onions really made the burger.

Yesterday was meal prep day and I made beef chili in the crock pot.  It was a mishmosh of a few different recipes and a little adlib by me but it came out pretty good.  I’ll be eating it throughout the week.


When I went to eat some last night I wanted to have it with some cauliflower rice but when I went to cook it I saw that the cauliflower had gone bad :(.  Bummer but it was still very good, just a little spicy.

For food for today I had my usual smoothie for breakfast.  My day didn’t start off so well as I spilled my smoothie all over after I made it.  It made quite a mess.  I had to make a second one to drink after I cleaned up the mess.

For lunch I had my normal salad from Sunac.  They didn’t chop it enough today so it was hard to eat and for some reason I just didn’t really enjoy it.  I ate about half of it until I just decided I didn’t want anymore.

I worked out tonight and even though I really try to eat my three meals today, I wasn’t very hungry after my workout and shower so I just had a banana for dinner.  I’m sure I’ll regret that later but for now it’s enough.

So week 3 is in the books and I am on to week 4.  My goal for this week is to reach my active calorie goal on my iWatch every day.  I came close today (missed it by 6 calories and I stopped wearing it after my workout so I believe I would have hit it had I put it back on after my shower).  I am just trying to move more on a daily basis so that is what I’m working towards this week.  I continue to try to drink my water.

Hope everyone has a good week!


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